Real estate writers and other people who don't know what they are talking about

FattireI don’t know much about beer, and I blieve Fat Tire is an import from Belgium but I am told that some folks like beer with their hot dogs so I thought I would include the logo with my post.

I could write an entire post about beer.  I could do some research online and maybe even look like an expert on a subject that I know little about.

When I see an article written for the real estate industry I know right away if the writer is an expert, or just an industry writer.  In the past couple of weeks I have seen a few posts written by vairous coaches, vendors and writers about property photos for real estate listings.

Now they are saying that in addition to video HDR, High Dynamic Range images, are the way to go with property photos.  Of course none of these people have actually taken property photos and they are not getting this information from consumers, they just figure because it is newer to most we should start using it.  Maybe they talked to an actual real estate practitioner who has been having extraordinary success selling listings in a down market becasue of spectacular HDR photos.

The reality is that most agents take crappy pictures of their listings and put them on the MLS where the images look even crappier than they did to start with.  The pictures I see are too dark, out of focus, have reflections in them and are in general of poor quality.  Then there are the homes themselves.  Some are butt ugly and have no redeeming qualities, making it unlikely that the photos could ever be decorating magazine quality.  Most of the homes i list are beautiful but many are very small.  It is difficult to get "dramatic" photos of a 1000 square foot square loft.  It can be a real challenge to get 10 "dramatic" photos for the MLS.  maybe next time I’ll try video.

What the real estate writers don’t understand is that many agents don’t know how to take a picture.  If they can take a picture they don’t know how to get it from camera to computer.  If they do now how to get in from camera to computer they don’t know how to upload it onto the internet.  Most don’t use any kind of software for optimizing photos so even if they can take the picture and get it onto the internet it may be two dark, too large or just need a little cropping.

I have been experimenting with HDR for some of my property photos and taking some night shots too.  I happen to have an interest in photography.  If I did not I would hire a photographer.  having a real estate license does not qualify me to take property shots or design marketing materials. 

Remember as you read the stuff out there written for our industry these people are just writing for our industry.  They maybe saw some HDR property photos or a good property video some where and decided that ti would be great if all agents produced videos and magazine quality photos. It gives them something to write about too becasue they can compare video cameras, camera’s, photo processing techniques, and the list goes on and on.

They are all trying to help us out.  If they were Realtors they would be doing all of these wonderful things, why aren’t we?   Maybe someone out there who likes to give agents advice could write some basic how too posts on property shots and how to get them on the internet and provide a list of companies and photographers who take property shots for Realtors.

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  1. Here’s a jumpstart on your beer research. Fat Tire is brewed in Fort Collins, Colorado, by New Belgium Brewing. From a small niche, local, micro-brewery to ruling the known beer world, they are quite a success story.

    Thanks, beer references in posts alway make me read!

  2. Bob – now you see me for the fraud that I am. I don’t even drink beer. i just like the pretty neon signs in the window

  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Are you sure @ResPres does not already have some instructions over at AR? That man is a genius when taking pictures:)

  4. Obeoman says:


    Dead on. The fact is, Realtors as consumers of technology need to trust themselves to ask these questions of any vendor:

    1.) Do you use the technology? Can you train me in it? What is your background?

    2.) What is the stated marketing program/ROI/goal of this technology?

    3) Can you put me in touch with some of your clients who use your technology?

    Frankly, if they can’t answer yes to question one, I would start looking for anouther vendor. Fast.

    Thanks. I will have to try Fat Tire.


  5. Andy Kaufman says:

    I’ve thought about it for a while, but using HDR photos to market properties seems a bit manipulative to me (as does extensive photoshopping).

    re: Fat tire. It’s nothing special. Let me know when they start shipping Sprecher or Bells out west and then we’re talking. Until then, I’ll stick to bourbon šŸ˜‰

  6. Diana Santos says:

    I agree 100%. In our office, we use a professional company, Circle Pixs. They take our still photos and virtual tour video. We take extra photos and our admin department will be add only if they are good – really good! We are also “allowed” to take an exterior photo for our Just Sold cards and changing of season photos.

    Don’t you love the photos with snow in June?!

  7. Can I support your basic premise and ask, “What is HDR?” Being a licensed REALTOR, doesn’t help me one iota with taking pix. In fact, to get one or two good ones I take a whole mass of bad ones!

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