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ComentsAppropriate that I post on this blog of mass destruction cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand on the 4th of July weekend. Isn’t the 4th all about noise and hot dogs?

I have been deleting comments left by Realtors on the St. Paul Real Estate Blog.  I never thought I would be doing that but I need to for a few reasons.

First of all it irritates me that the SEO gurus out there teach real estate bloggers how to keyword stuff comment sections and leave as many links as they can.  They leave an extra link in the body of the comment and make sure they mention that they sell real estate and where they work.  I strongly discourage that tactic and consider it spamming and don’t care which expert is recommending it as an SEO strategy.  Get your back links somewhere else.

Secondly my blog is for consumers.  When they come to read and see a bunch of comments from Realtors it looks to them like it is a blog for Realtors, kind of like Active Rain, and they pretty much stay out of the conversation.  They still read the blog, they still hire me but no comments.  I need their comments.  They start conversations, they teach me and they inspire me to write blog posts.  I write at least 365 posts a year, trust me I can run out of ideas.  I still believe that it is content that makes blogs work so I plan to write every day for the next 365 days, just like I did for the last, only better and with fewer misspellings.

Thirdly the comments are inane.  Like nice post, great capture, good job etc.  I find them as irritating as I find the SEO gurus who teach blog spamming for back links. There are some agent bloggers out there who make comments that do add to the discussion  so I leave those comments there because they inspire me, they add to the conversation, or start a new conversation.

I knowfor many the blog thing is a game, and it has rules and there is the belief that the rules must be followed at all times.  I don’t believe in those rules and I have never followed them, I find them too limiting.  I am just lucky that I started my blog before the experts came on the scene.

The best way to have a successful real estate blog is to write posts, and what the heck, would it kill you to throw in a photo once in awhile?  People like to see real estate, not just read about it.  Maybe the time spent in the never ending SEO conversations could be better spent learning a new skills that could be applied to blogs.  There is a great way to get back links that the coaches don’t talk about and that is by creating posts that get attention and are linked to by other blogs.   Very powerful but it is a lot more work than leaving "great job" comments with links on other peoples blogs.

I will continue to publish comments from Realtors on the St. Paul real Estate blog, but I will also be deleting the comments that are left just so the blogger can get some back links.  You can listen to the SEO Nazis out there and have a melt down about back links if you want to but please leave me out of it.  I  have a blog to write and a business to run.

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  1. Denver Real Estate checking in here.
    Great post!
    You should check out my blog at: Denver Dwellings

    hahahahaha joke is on me, you striped out all my html tags. 🙁

  2. post doesn’t apply to friends. LOL, the blog is set up so that html can not be left in the comments but there is a link to your most excellent blog at: http://www.kristalsellsdenver.com/denverdwellings/
    That you last posted on June 23

    Thanks Leanne, I guess everyone is a comedian tonight.

  3. Way to go girl, now the mark is set for all of us.

  4. Jay Thompson says:

    A freaking men! I used to be able to say “I can count the number of comments I’ve deleted on one hand”. I can’t say that any more. The comment spam from other agents has gotten way out of hand.

  5. I was going to comment on your St Paul Blog until I found out you’re not giving out Active Rain points.

  6. You mean that I can’t post that I’m a such and such Realtor from such & such area & that my such & such site & blog – blah, blah, blah!!! Rudeness unfortunately prevails everywhere we go, but we don’t have to put up with it. Delete!! And was really going to try to be funny, but then everytime I come here I see the pic of Daisy and she’s just too darn cute!

  7. I cannot believe the number of inane comments I am currently getting from a fence company in my area – I’m close to picking the phone up and calling them.

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