Blogs – Not Just For Realtors Any more

I am trying to spread the word again.  Blogs are not just for Realtors any more.  There are blogs out there on just about every subject I can think of.  I like to read local blogs, news blogs, technology blogs and photography blogs. I leave comments on them too if I have something to contribute of if I really like the post.

People who are not in the real estate industry read blogs too.

The real estate industry did not invent the blog.  This might be hard to believe but most of the most read and best loved blogs on the planet are not related to real estate at all. This kind of proves that there are a lot of people out there who might not be reading the conversation we seem to be having amongst ourselves on the Internet.  Instead they are reading something interesting.

As for the whole inside outside argument that I have read about on Active Rain, there are far more blogs out side of active rain than there are inside of Active Rain. Can these millions of people who prefer outies be wrong?


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10 Responses to Blogs – Not Just For Realtors Any more

  1. monika says:

    My feed reader has a good mix. I’ve been reading non-real estate related blogs for a long time and most of my real estate related blogs are “outies” !

  2. Bill Lublin says:

    Having experienced the earth shattering news at #NAR2008 that “Twitter is not just for REALTORS”, I was forced into intensive therapy to accomodate the huge paradigm shift required.

    Now, after reading your blog, I am not only forced to a new epiphany, but need to contemplate the various benefits of “innies” and “outies” (a conflict previously imited to navel engagements – though I must admit I prefer the former in navels and the latter in blog reading).

    Will the madness never end?

  3. gingerw says:

    Stop it. You are scaring me. This is far too much information for a Sunday morning.

  4. teresa boardman says:

    Bill Hope you do OK with that paradigm shift, I feel the same way about “innies” and “outies”.

    Ginger – I got so excited about this that I just couldn’t wait until Monday. Sorry if I wrecked your Sunday. 🙁

  5. Hold on. I thought you invented blogging. You mean you told people other than realtors about this? Next you’ll be trying to tell me there are more than just listing pictures on Flickr. I’m pretty sure only agents are on Facebook, because they friend me all the time.

  6. Dustin says:

    So while we’re spending time demonstrating our vast knowledge of real estate through blogs, you think others might be reading interesting things? rubbish.

  7. t says:

    Kelley, yes check out flickr there are some really great photos. Think I saw one of you too. Didn’t Al Gore invent blogging?

    Dustin – I know it is hard to beleive but some people do read interesting blogs.

  8. tcar says:

    Wouldn’t it be cool if you could go to a conference full of real estate bloggers that also had bloggers from these so called non-real estate blogs?

  9. t says:

    Todd – wasn’t that what we did at ReBlog and Blog World? Maybe you missed it because you were busy with having to change your shoes and all but I have to say it was drop dead cool. Once you have seen the internet outside the re-net it is very hard to go back.

  10. gingerw says:

    Excellent point Teresa. I think Todd was too busy changing his shoes to notice. It was drop dead cool. Next year at REBW I think we should get REALLY crazy and let non- real estate people into the REBW sessions. Yes, let the outsiders infiltrate the asylum.
    I hope I don’t get shot for that comment.

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