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Whether we like it or not there are influencers on the re-net.  Some are a positive influence and some are not. I don't believe any real estate bloggers are active exponents of knowing evil, but they could be, I am not sure what it means.  Some days I think the hound doth protest too much. The people who influence the hound don't influence me.  None of it really matters because the internet isn't just for Realtors any more. The re-net is a very small world, it is a pimple on the butt of the internet, lets not lose site of that, and stop taking ourselves so seriously. 

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  1. “it is a pimple on the butt of the internet” LOL!! Love it and so darn true. People need get a grip. There are just too many egos out there.

  2. gingerw says:

    Pimple on the butt of the internet? Stop popping pimples Teresa. Keep the internet just for realtors. Let’s just focus on ourselves. I mean come on, who needs real people?

  3. I’m giving political advice, Abraham Lincoln once said, ” Everyone likes a compliment”. Clearly President Lincoln never owned a bloodhound. :p

    Maybe Greg is right. That the list is just a popularity contest. I’m okay with that. Inman News is read by thousands of agents outside of our circle. Being popular with that sort of an voice helps me be more influential. In my way of doing business, the two words are essentially the same thing.

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