A blog Secret


There is a secret to getting back links that the re-net SEO experts don't write much about that I would like to share.

Write some unique content, or some great content and other blogs will link to it.

It is not as hard to do as you might think. Tomorrow when you write a blog post instead of linking to real estate news and commenting on it write something original.  It can be fun.

Obsessed with SEO?  Try a blog coach instead of an SEO company. You would be surprised how much impact what you write has on SEO.

why am I writing this?  I have no idea.  It is the week before thanksgiving and I already feel the effects of tryptophan.

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2 Responses to A blog Secret

  1. gingerw says:

    All these blogging revelations are killing my preconceived ideas. Can’t I just repost?

  2. Methinks it is much easier to reblog. It most work, otherwise why would so many do it?

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