ROI? You say you need ROI?


It is nice to write on the weenie this morning.  My blog of mass destruction cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand, now with a photo of a grocery store on it too.

I am going to mention social media and networking in this post if you are so tired of the subjects that they almost make you gag now would be the time to mosey on to another blog. I recommend Boing Boing.

There have been a couple of times over the years where I have gone to the grocery store and ended up talking to a neighbor and through that conversation I listed a house or put a buyer under contract. I used to swear by going to the grocery store and planned to continue my visits as we like to eat at least twice a day and we will run out of food again soon.  Going to the store is just a part of life, yet I am not so sure about the ROI.

If the house I listed or buyer that I picked up didn't result in a closed sale then I guess I did a bad job at the grocery store and I shouldn't rely on it as a source of income.

Is getting an appointment and getting a contract signed by a client the same as prospecting?  

I have to say this isn't shaping up to be the best year for me. I have some real estate listed in an area where we are now having a huge problem with financing. Three listings of the same type in the same area. One will be taken off the market in August, another is unsalable unless someone can pay cash and the third isn't looking so good right now either. None of this has anything to do with the real estate market or the economy it has to do with social networking.

I am here to tell you that blogs, and social networks don't work.  All three of those listings are with people that I met on the internet.  One from Flickr, two through my blog. 

I need to be transparent about this.  These methods of prospecting do not work.  Had I gotten these clients by cold calling, drip emailing or doing an open house things might have turned out differently.  Instead I chose to squander my precious time writing blog posts and posting pictures of St. paul.

If you are thinking that social networking and blogs are a waste of time you are right.  Closed sales are all that matter. We all know that having a signed contract should guarantee a closed sale and if it does not then the prospecting methods used to win the potential business didn't work.

I never really liked going to the grocery store.  I am not very good at it.  I find myself overwhelmed with the choices.  There is noise and bright colors and little children screaming their lungs out. I never know what to buy or how much to buy. The ROI might not be high enough.  I am not going to invest my time going to the grocery store anymore.

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