There should be a stupid designation

CopyrightThere are several NAR designations Realtors can earn.  I think there should be a stupid designations. They could give it a catchy name, like STUPID so it would look classy on business cards.

Recently a colleague found one of his photos in the MLS on another agents listing. That is all too common and not that unusual. What was unusual is in this case the agent left a water mark on the photo with the web address of the agent that the photo was taken from.

It actually constitutes two MLS violations. The first violation is stealing the photo and the second is publishing the address of a Realtor web site in the MLS. 

Remember stupid is as stupid does, and Realtors are held to a higher standard.

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3 Responses to There should be a stupid designation

  1. Stupid is as stupid does, I had an agent steal a bunch of my website pages including the photos. Little did he know the photos were of my husband and kids.

    I don’t mind if he claims them, I just want child support if he does.

    Does that sound fair?

  2. You forgot the highest designation – the D.A. It ranks above all and is recognized by RE professionals as the consumate new low achievement. The STUPID award while significant pales when compared. A select number are given each day to the most worthy. Each ceremony is a standing room only affair where one can share in the cheers, tears, applause, gooofahs and laughter. Having been in the audience a number of times I find them to be remarkable events. :>)

  3. Bill Lublin says:

    I agree with Larry – The Darwin Awards are already the best designator for actions like these- I just want to know if you only get in the audience if you are nominated? I want to go too

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