Proposed curriculum of the stupid designation

SstupidBy Kathy Drewien

One of the requirements of keeping a real estate license active is to earn continuing education units (CEU) . The number of CEU an agent needs depends on each state's license law. With just a little bit of planning, a real estate agent can meet all the licensing requirements without spending any money. And, even better, they won't be required to think.

Core Curriculum for the Newly Introduced STUPID Designation

  • Alphabet Soup Using Generational Differences to grow and retain your client database. (Please come prepared with age appropriate eating utensils.) 3 CEU
  • Building Codes for Dummies Codes, codes and more codes. Working with builders during and after construction. (Students must supply own builder. The ones we know have gone belly up.) 3 CEU
  • Mortgage Fraud This course (designed for agents living under a rock the past year), will define and discuss the cost of mortgage fraud, the punishment of mortgage fraud, and the red flags of mortgage fraud, ethical considerations and classic mortgage fraud schemes. 6 CEU
  • Super-Agent Excellence This course produces the inner ability to apply outstanding qualities of attitude and abilities which enable Superior Real Estate Agents to lead in their market and prevail as an industry leader through business and personal attention. 6 CEU
  • You Can't Fix Stupid!!! This course will provide answers to the questions that EVERYBODY should have! 3 CEU
  • Electives (choose one): 3 CEU per class
    • Skylights: They Will Leak Ya' Know
    • Termites or Flying Ants (bring samples to class)
    • Closing the Lid on Toilet Seats

Upon successful completion of each class, measured by being in your seat the whole time, agents will be awarded the STUPID designation, be entitled to display STUPID on all marketing materials and receive the coveted STUPID pin. (Logo designs being accepted now.)

Now for the legal stuff.  Any resemblance to other logos or pins past or present is purely coincidental as is an resemblance to actual course titles and descriptions.  This is a work of fiction and it is unlikely that anyone will take responsibility for it so don't bother asking.

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2 Responses to Proposed curriculum of the stupid designation

  1. I am curious if there has been an Education Foundation set up to provide needy agents with grants to attend these classes? If not I would like to donate my services to start the foundation.

  2. teresa boardman says:

    KK – thanks for stepping up to the plate. As always you are willing to give of yourself to help other succeed. We can start working on this right away. . . of course the agents might not be “needy” if they got some education but that isn’t the type of idea that we like to publish here on the weenie.

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