They know what is best?

A dreary rainy day here at weenie HQ, but I won't let it affect my tude. I think the local news media is making up the stuff about the flash flooding but I bought some chocolate just in case.

Butterfly If you are a real estate professional as in someone who actually sells real estate and like makes a living doing it or at least you did back before the housing market tanked then this is for you.  The rest of you can just go find something else to read.

Have you ever noticed the way experts review new products and new ideas for Realtors to use in their businesses?  They will recommend a product or service that is sucktastic or superfluous or just plain stupid because it was designed to fill a need that simply does not exsist.   These people are not idiots and some of the products, services, apps, software and web sites are indeed technological wonders.  The problem is that some of the people who make the recommendations or write the reviews don't have any experience selling real estate, working with real estate clients or running a real estate business.  They have no practical business experience with the products or ideas that wow them.  Some don't really understand how most of us work and come up with some very creative ideas that won't work or are just plain silly.

What I find the most irritating are those who tell us how it should be and those who find that exceptionaly sucktastic idea or product and start telling us why we should all use it or embrace it.  They find us oh so frustrating because we just don't get it.   I think they should walk a mile in my shoes before they start dispensing the advice but sadly most wouldn't make it across the street. 

On the positive side some of what I read makes me smile and some of it makes me laugh out loud.  There are some encouraging and inspirational articles out there about how great we can be as Realtors.  I think those can only be written by people who are not selling real estate right now. The rest of us are forced to deal with a reality that is brutal without ever admitting that business could be better.

Have to go now. Need to find out what a cubit is and decide if I should find two termites.



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