The Latest in Open House Signs

Open House

This is the latest in open house signs.  If you are using the old school open house signs you are missing out on a huge opportunity to use QR codes.

Do you want potential home buyers to just blow by your open house sign without stopping at your web site? I didn’t think so.  These remarkable signs will help drive traffic to your open house and your web site at the same time.

Each sign has two codes on it.  One QR code links back to your special 1.0  template agent web site that has not been optimized for mobile browsers and the other QR code says right or left so that the buyer can find the open house.   It is recommended that at least 10 of these be set up for each open house to get the maximum exposure.  There is also a one QR code option that calls up a page that requires the potential client to provide name, email address and phone number so they can see a page with the address of the home on it.

Don’t let another buyer drive by your open house signs without visiting your web site. Don’t pass up the opportunity to turn a drive by into a lead capture. Get these signs today!

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4 Responses to The Latest in Open House Signs

  1. I think there needs to be a third QR code that links to a picture of the first two QR codes. Just think about it for a while.

  2. LondonHomes says:

    QR codes currently have that cool factor, but I just don’t think they are very useful. In the case of these new open house signs, it looks like I’m making it more difficult for the buyer to find the house I want to sell.

    If the buyer does not feel like stopping and getting out of their car, or does not have a smart phone with them they will just keep on driving.

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