Please step away from the iPad . . .

Open House Pro Screen print

There is an app that real estate agents can use on their iPad at an open house.   Yes you can take your expensive iPad and use it just like you would use paper and a cheap pen for a sign-in sheet at your open house.  The iPad will “capture” all of that juicy lead information and start dripping on them right away.

How is this technology made possible?  it is all done through a little app called “find my phone”  The app even works on the iPad.  Find my phone allows you to find your iPad on a map, send a message or a tone to it, lock it or even wipe all the data off of it.  My guess is if someone were to take my ipad I could just send them a message asking them to give it back and they would.  Please install this nifty little app before installing the stupid open house app.

If someone wants to take your iPad please do not fight them off.   Even though you are just a Realtor, your life may be worth more than an iPad to someone somewhere.

Be careful out there and always practice safe mobile computing.  Never leave your iPad unattended and install “find my iPhone” as soon as you take your new iPad out of the box.



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