Just for Realtors

Yup with each new thing that has come along I have had to explain that it isn’t just for Realtors.. . .but the real estate weenie really is just for Realtors.  The real estate weenie is celebrating it’s five year anniversary this month because blog anniversaries are not just for @Tcar and the boys.

The world has changed in the last five years.  When I started this hot dog stand the housing market had just started crashing.  As I write this I am debating making up a t-shirt that says I survived the housing crash and the great recession because I did and each month is a little better than the last and I like to think that all that stress and work made me a better person some how.  On the other hand I suppose there wasn’t all that much room for improvement but there was some.

Some things and some people have not changed at all in the last five years which is a good thing because it gives me something to write about over and over again.

I made a little collage out of some of the graphics I have used in Weenie posts over the years.  If you go back and look at old posts you will see that there is some wisdom on the weenie and you will see a kind of history of social media and what I call digital sharecropping for realtors.

We have come full circle from when blogging was cool and then it was dead and then social media replaced blogging and then blogging became social media again before it all became new media.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I’m going to Pin This!

  2. Jim Little says:

    You might want to market the t-shirt, you may find a new career.

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