There is a sucker born every minute

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I have spent much of the morning doing research for something I am writing.   There are thousands of articles on the internet with advice for Realtors® and right now the articles are causing me to have more questions than answers.

  1. What qualifies someone to give advice to Realtors?
  2. Are there more people giving advice to agents than there are agents?
  3. Some of the advice I read is really bad.  Where do people get these ideas and why do they pass them along to real estate agents?
  4. Why are there so many experts?
  5. Why does the average real estate agent agent make so little money?
  6. How much do people get paid to give advice?
  7. Do people who give good advice make more than those who give bad advice?
  8. Why do agents take the advice of the advice givers who have no credentials?
  9. Why have some of the advice givers decided to dedicate their lives to real estate technology instead of finding a cure for cancer or helping to end world hunger?
  10. Why are “experts” recommending some of the same really bad products over and over again do they get paid to recommend them?

Who are these people? Seriously if you think the bar to entry is low for the real estate agent consider how much lower the bar is for giving advice.

Oh look a butterfly  . . .

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