There is something inherently wrong . .

nap time for the weenies

“The volume of incompetence, laziness, lack of creativity, and overall resistance to new ideas in your industry [real estate industry] is staggering.”  From the 1000 watt blog

There is something wrong with the blog post and the agents who just go along with negative advertising that helps perpetuate  negative stereotypes.  How many agents are lazy?  How would a lazy agent make enough money to survive?  Do lazy people gravitate toward being self employed and working on a 100% commission basis as opposed to say working at a w2 type job where they get paid on a regular basis and get health insurance?

As for resistance to new ideas if the 1000 Watt blog post is supposed to be an example of a new idea consider me resistant.  the article gives no useful advice and giving the real estate industry bad press is not at all a new idea.

I submit to you the Realestateweenie as an example of creativity.

Oops! it is nap time.  I guess this is all I can write today.

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