I heard it indirectly

I had wanted to fly to California and attend “Hear it direct” but was unable to.  I got to hear it indirectly but was clued in before the event by moderator and real estate evangelist Jeff Turner that is is all about consumers.

This years message is similar to last years and I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that next years message will be the same.  Real estate agents are a bunch of morons and we don’t listen or communicate with our clients and we don’t do enough. The word lazy keeps coming up.

While this information may be useful to some I did not see any big changes in the industry after last years event and I suspect there will not be any big changes after this years event.

Some may think that if even one agent changes that is enough well it really isn’t because every time one agent screws up we all look bad and every time an agent does a great job no one notices or if they do they are not going to get on stage and talk about it.

Agents are only interested in the shiny objects which has made it possible for entrepreneurs  to set up lucrative consulting practices or to sell products to agents or  premium products on third party web sites and fly around the country to tell us what a crappy job we do. Personally I find the speeches, sessions and blog posts about the terrible job we do uplifting and motivational but then again I also enjoy training sessions where I am beaten with whips and chains.

Just hearing it second hand changed my life.  I can only imagine how life altering Hear it Direct was for the people who got to attend in person.   Maybe next year I can go and hear it direct all over again.

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