A day in the life for fun and profit

Tis the season . . fa la la la la la la . . . .

Honestly I need some money.  The big bills are due like my association dues for the year and I had a fairly large sale fall through.  You totally know that if Realtor® associations understood their members at all the dues would be payable in July when we have money instead of at the end of the year. . the subject of a future rant for sure.

In the spirit of the holiday season I am going to make an offer.  I will write a “day in the life of an agent” and promote various products in the essay for a fee  of $100.00-$500.00 for each product placement.  The essay can be used for advertising and I will post it on the social networks where agents hang out and in various Facebook groups through out the holiday season.

It would go something like this:

Each morning I get up and I check my email on [product name] because it is the best product out there for email and I know that it is what makes me the best agent in town for just 19.99 a month. 

After I check my email I use [insert name of product] to go over the contract I wrote last night with the listing agent. [insert name of product] makes document management simple and fun.  We both laughed and had a good time.

 After I get off the phone [insert picture of phone]  I use my [name of tablet] that I bought because I can do stuff on it and look good doing it. My clients are so impressed that one of them bought an advertisement on  bill board with a picture of me using my [name of tablet]. 

Before I leave my home office to head to the [name or franchise] office where I can enjoy the fast paced fun environment and maybe even a barbeque in the parking lot I grab my copy of [name of amazing book that is a must read for all agents].

Once I get to the office I will check for traffic and leads from the 17 listings I put on [ztr pro mega] and then check to see if anyone has responded to my advertisement for yet another buyers agent because I am getting so many leads from [ztr pro mega]

You get the picture and if you know me at all you understand that my imagination knows no bounds and it can be used for good or for evil or to make money so I can pay my %$#@!! association dues.

Your product will get a glowing recommendation and other agents will start buying it like crazy because agents are always looking for some product that will solve their problems and help them make money.  I will tell a story and paint a picture and even make a video staring me promoting your product with my believable story.   The more useless your product is the more I will charge for the service but you have to understand that I am an entrepreneur and I am for sale.

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