Tech support for real estate

There are so many technology support groups for real estate agents, yet there are those who will buy a Kindle and use it without first checking to see how top agents use it or taking lessons, or joining a group started by someone who bought a Kindle last month.  We call those people “know-it-alls”.

Don’t use the manufactures tech support or a user groups for your support needs.  Forget about the Geek Squad or Apple’s genius bar, real estate agents are a much better source of information.  Don’t use Google to find an answer go to the technology support group for real estate agents because your tech questions are unique.

It doesn’t get much better than sharing the drama and trauma of new hardware or software with your peers and learning all of the rules and the fun we have when we learn together wheeee!  Sometimes it is fun to read lengthy and unusual answers to common technology type questions.  Why drag and drop when you can achieve the exact same thing by re-programming your computer?  Sure beats selling real estate.

Using mind mapping software wrong

Using mind mapping* software wrong



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