Photography tip #2

Since I got such a huge response from my last photography tip for Realtors I thought I would write another.  This tip will also save you time and money.   There are two basic ways to get a photograph without a date stamp on it.

One way is to use photo editing software and remove the date stamp after the photograph has been taken.  That is what the experts want you to do because it can be complicated and time consuming.

The other way is to change the settings inside your camera so that the date is not printed on the photo in the first place.  How do you do that?  You could go ask about it in one of those wonderful tech support for real estate agents or you could simply ask google.  The advantage in asking Google is that the answer will come immediately and probably won’t involve jumping out of an airplane or rebuilding your camera.

Your camera probably has a manual that you can find on the internet that will show a picture of the camera menu and give instructions on how to turn off the date stamp or simply type something like “how do I turn the date stamp off on my Canon camera?”  Trust me. Try it, now please.

If I see a date stamp on one of your photos in the MLS I am coming after you.  There won’t be any place to run or any place to hide.  I will  come and kick your sorry a$$ all over the internet and when I am done I will make you take your camera apart and eat it.  Understood?




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  1. Ha ha ha. Date stamps are especially notable with the open toilet photos.

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