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I wrote this post in 2011, and for some reason I suddenly got the urge to publish it again. I never addressed the whole driving around in the car with the video camera rolling and pointed at the driver thing because it is beyond the scope of this hot dog stand masquerading as a blog but here is my advice to real estate agents about using video:

Video camera in action.

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Camera Shy? 

A local agent  told me that she doesn’t use video on her web sites because she doesn’t like being on camera so I came up with this idea that she just loves, and I thought I would share it with everyone else.

There is a secret about video that many Realtors don’t know and for some reason it is a secret that the gurus are not sharing.  Agents can use video without ever being in the video themselves.  That’s right and remember you learned it on the weenie.  While it may be true that consumers love to see smiling agent faces there are endless possibilities for video without those faces.

Why use video? 

Using video is where it is at but the best reasons for using video are because it is video and because  quality doesn’t matter it just has to move. Crappy video is called “organic video” and organic is good.  It must be good because everything that I buy that has the word “organic” on it costs too much.

I did a quick count, and I have a total of six electronic devices that shoot video including an actual old school video camera which is only a year old.   I could be missing some cameras because it seems like everything has a built in camera even some of the cameras have built in cameras and maybe my coffee maker too.    The only reason I don’t use more video than what I am using now which is no video is because I don’t use it but I should use it because I can and maybe I will.

Do cameras ever have built in coffee makers?

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