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NYC - random hot dog stand

NYC – random hot dog stand

It is nice to be back in the frozen northland where sometimes it is too cold to go outside but it is never too cold to write on this blog of mass destruction cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand.

I have been kicking around the idea of rebranding my business.  I want to start a new real estate company that is better than any other.  I am not sure what the name will be but it will have the words “new”, “young” and “best” in it and the tagline will be something to the effect that we are better than you. . . or my real estate company is better.

There are better ways to do just about everything in real estate and I know that to market my new real estate company I don’t have to give any examples of how I am better than anyone else and why I am different I just have to say it over and over until it catches on.

Being different is clearly better than not being different and I know that we can always do things better especially in real estate where we don’t do anything right because we get paid on a 100% commission basis or because we are old and don’t know how to send text messages.

I am an experience and now I am going to be a better experience or quite possibly the best experience there ever was because I care about you.

. . .THIS is what happens after I attend a real estate conference.


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