Real estate agents need to get better at listing


Sure this is a rerun from last June but we still have the same problem.  Real estate agents really need to get better at listing houses.

As the inventory of houses on the market remains low I am forced to point out that if real estate agents would just improve their listing skills this problem would go away.  (better listing skills = more listings)    To put it in the simplest terms real estate agents were better at getting listings we would have more homes on the market.

As I pointed out in my last post on this blog of mass destruction cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand real estate agents sales skills have improved nation wide from what they were last year, and we are seeing an impact on the market.  Homes are selling faster and for more money.

Yes for some reason real estate agents seem to be losing the ability to get more listings and this trend is getting worse and worse.   Back in 2008 real estate agents did a great job putting houses on the market but a pathetic job selling them and for years home prices went down as a result.

It is possible today’s shortage of homes for sale is caused by not enough agents are using KeyNote on their iPads or perhaps their three ring binders full of colorful  pages that advertise big brand real estate companies just are failing to impress.

With all the experts, ninja’s rockstars and gurus out there you would think someone would be able to teach real estate agents how to list more houses.

At this rate the lack of inventory may eclipse the lack of video produced by real estate agents and become the number one problem facing our industry. . . .stay tuned.

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