Technology isn’t just for Realtors®

blenderTechnology isn’t just for Realtors® but it is just for men.

I went to a technology event and there was a woman on the stage. No one is sure how that happened. The other 26 speakers were men.

Did you know that men are 97% more likely to record video of themselves talking while they drive a car than woman are? That is just one way that men are more tech savvy than woman.

As a woman my view of technology is a little different. My blender is technology and so is my car. I don’t think I want to go to a blender conference but I am sure if I did there would be men on stage telling me all about my blender.

Clearly men are in charge of this technology stuff and it is best to just let them talk and to hope that they don’t demonstrate how a blender works while they are driving a car and recording video.

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