I wish I was smart

moneyI miss writing on the hot dog stand and I have so much to say but in my world when I say family comes first that means it takes a back seat to this blog of mass destruction cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand.

As for being smart there is something I just can’t figure out. real estate agents seem to fear that Zillow and other sites like it will eliminate the need for real estate agents yet the site and others like it are paid for by real estate agents. Would someone who is smarter than me which is just about everyone explain to me where Zillow and trulia and Realtor.com will get enough money to run their sites without getting money from real estate agents who no longer exist because of the sites.

While you are at it explain to me if these sites are so wonderful why they can’t get by without any agent dollars and also what the heck .  .why do real estate agents fund them?

Like I said I am not very smart.

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