iWatch – Just for real estate

It has been awhile since I have written anything on this blog of mass destruction cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand and I’ll use that fact as a teachable moment. never apologize on your blog for not writing. People do it all the time because most people who have blogs and who are bloggers don’t actually write blog posts very often.

I digress. It iBlanks called the Apple Watch and apparently it is just for real estate agents and it will make sending text messages and updating Facebook while you drive easier than ever.

For real estate we just know that the agent who have the Apple watches will sell more homes faster than their Apple watch-less peers.

Will anyone want to do business with an real estate agent who does not have an Apple Watch in 2015? We shall see. Also as always even though most people will just buy the darn watch and use it there will be special classes, webinars and Facebook groups for real estate agents because many are special.

If you should get your watch before the special education is available please do not use it until you are taught how to by an industry expert

Do we ever really know what time it is? The answer to that question is sure to change once the Apple watch goes on sale.

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