Past its use by date

BlankThere are oh so many smart and clever people in the real estate space. There are so many who have just enough experience and or knowledge with technology to be dangerous.

Today as I was surfing around and reading some news and advice I came to a site that has loads of real estate and technology advice for people in the real estate industry.

The oh so clever . . and maybe even brilliant creators of the site decided not to put dates on any of the articles. I guess they don’t want anyone to know how old the stuff is.

I was reading a tech article that mentioned a software package that in it’s day really had no competition. Unfortunately today there is software that will do all that and more and costs $0 instead of $50.

Of course I have no way of knowing if the author doesn’t get out much or if they wrote the article a few years ago. It is possible that the idea of newer software hasn’t reached them yet.

Please when reading real estate tech advice look for the date on the article. The world is changing very quickly. You don’t want to take three year old advice from a tech wanna be.

They don’t put dates on the articles because they want to make it look like the content is fresh. I guess it could be worse. They could be putting recent dates on those old moldy blog posts.

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