It is a seller market stupid

random bananas not related to post

random bananas not related to post

It is nice to be back on the weenie. I was telling a friend last night, well if I am honest about it, I was telling my only friend that the real estate weenie represents my male side that I need to express that more often but not in a crude locker room or groping kind of way.

In many housing markets across the country we are in a sellers market and have been for a couple of years. During a sellers market homes sell fast and prices go up. Buyers struggle to get offers in fast enough.

Multiple offers are common and some houses sell for more than the list price. As a result selling a house is just different right now than it was in say 2008.

Yet for some reason these companies keep popping up and they offer real estate agents all of these amazing ways to sell homes quickly. Selling a home quickly doesn’t present much of a challenge if the home is priced correctly. Finding homes to sell and helping buyer’s buy is the tough part of our jobs these days.

Yes your product will work well during a seller’s market but it is going to totally suck during the next buyer’s market.  Good luck and have a nice life.

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