Essential or not?

There are so many great topics to write about on the blog of mass destruction cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand during this year of the apocalypse.

Governors from coast to coast have asked residents to stay at home. People in essential jobs or services are allowed to continue working. In several states, real estate services are considered essential.

The people who are finding housing for those who do not have it or who are assisting people who were in the process of buying or selling a home before the apocalypse hit are providing essential services.

Some real estate services may be essential but not all real estate agents are essential. Right now there are a lot of non-essential REALTORS doing a lot of marketing. They want the world to know that real estate services are essential and somehow that makes them essential too.

As their friends and neighbors face layoffs they are proudly proclaiming their essentialness.

Consumers will need to learn the difference between the essential agents and the mostly useless agents who would be doing us all a favor by staying home.

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