People behaving badly

If you sell real estate or are part of the real estate industry now is the time to wring your hands and work hard to come up with the blandest most neutral statement that you can about “difficult times” and “uncertain times”

Obsess over making a statement that is just right. This isn’t the time to show emotion.

Go ahead and refer to peaceful protests as riots and call protesters looters. Focus on agitators who are taking advantage of civil unrest but don’t use the term “civil unrest” the phrase is very bad for home sales.

Go ahead and remind everyone that all lives matter and that you don’t see color.

Do not under any circumstances take a stand on anything or raise your voice or march in a peaceful protest. Do not take a stand. This will pass and until it does you can perfect your virtual tours and tweak your drip campaign.

It is always safe to Quote Martin Luther King.

Don’t get involved in what is going on all over the country. Stay away because black lives do not matter enough to risk losing business over.

Believe that things will go back to the way they were and until then keep your head down. Stay in your happy place watching those webinars on how to dominate your market and remember TIK TOK is just for real estate.

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