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Here we are at the weenie. It is spring and I am busy as $$#@!! yet I write.

I haven’t gotten on the Clubhouse bandwagon. I have been an early adapter in just about everything except Clubhouse. Yes, I have played around with “Tick Tock”, it makes me yawn but I can use it with my current phone.

Clubhouse isn’t aligned with my brand or my values for that matter. (I can’t believe I used “brand” and “aligned” in the same sentence but it appears that I just did). Clubhouse uses “exclusivity” and “scarcity” as a gimmick.

How many people have iPhones in the United States? Currently, there are more than 113 million iPhone users in the United States, accounting for about 47 percent of all smartphone users in the United States. (stasita.com)

I could probably get the app on my iPad and I have done that in the past when I have wanted to try an app that is only available for the iPhone.

If your business is using Clubhouse for marketing in some form or another you might be missing the majority of the smartphone users in the US.

The clubhouse is by invitation only. I know “exclusivity” is a marketing gimmick but it isn’t one I engage in during a time when being inclusive is the new black.

There have been a few recent real estate industry events I was somewhat interested in that require Clubhouse. I feel as though I have been issued an ultimatum. Use Clubhouse or be banished from the collective.

Nothing says “community” like hosting several events on an app that the 53% can’t get.

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