Oh wise man please give me advice

Real estate agents will be looking for advice and strategies to navigate today’s real estate market. To put it another way, home sales are declining and some agents are worried.

Fear not. There is tons of advice out there. Agents can even get advice from people who were real estate agents for four or five years 14 or 15 years ago.

Why not? Those are the people who were smart enough to get a job during the housing market crash. Now they are the oracles of real estate ready to talk real estate agents through the coming housing market apocalypse.

It is now and has always been far easier to give advice on how to succeed as a real estate agent than it is to succeed as a real estate agent.

We can all look forward to tons of advice in the next several months. Watch for the missives with platitudes about attitudes too.

Most advice will be free and it will be worth at least that much.

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