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The RealEstateWeenie App

This hot dog stand is a great place to try out new ideas. We all know that people like to read blogs with their phones so I did a mock up of an iPhone app for the weenie.  With this … Continue reading

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Fact Checking

This was in my spam from a company trying to sell websites to the unwashed masses of real estate agents out there desperately trying to make a buck in a sucktastic housing market and when the world is on  the … Continue reading

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  One busy Realtor making comments on several posts on my business blog.   He was probably doing what someone taught him to do. He may have gone to social media seminar or a REbar camp. He wrote all of … Continue reading

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The 5th Anniversary of the Future

For the last six years I have been reading about how video is the future.  There is this statistic that only 8% of real estate agents use video.  I have seen the video created by real estate agents and personally … Continue reading

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Brain Found

Todd Carpenter found my brain and is selling it on ebay. It is nice the way Todd is always there for me. I have to give him credit for his creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.  I am sure that in a … Continue reading

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Online Social Networking Teaches New Skills

It is good to be back on this blog of mass destruction cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand.  I feel so at home here, must be the food. I can almost smell the fire and taste the dogs. Without … Continue reading

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My Email Scares me

I was spammed today by this Realtor via Top Producer.  He has a blog but apparently has not caught on to the whole RSS thing where instead of dripping or spamming it is possible to get readers to come and … Continue reading

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