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I recently got an email from a local agent who told me that he asked his board of Realtors and our MLS if the iPad works with the MLS.  He was told that it does not.  I offer the attached screen print as proof that it does.  The iPad can be used with our MLS and you do not need to use the dumbed down mobile site.

Our MLS doesn’t just kind of work on the iPad, it works very well and all of the functions work except web forms which don’t really work that well on any platform and occasionally make me cry.

I was very pleased when I discovered this truth in April of 2010 when my iPad arrived.  I can search for a listing with my iPad and make an appointment to show that listing.  I can add the homes to shopping carts in the MLS and access them while I am in the field.  I offer the screen print in this post as proof of accessibility. (click on the graphic to make it large enough to read)  I can fill in any field and hit the search button and it works the same as it does on my computer.

The best way to test the MLS on an iPad is to go to an Apple store or a Best Buy store and try it on an actual iPad.

Screen shot MLS

Real estate contracts can be written on the iPad and signed on the screen.  If you ask the board, the MLS, your broker, your trainer coach or guru they might tell you it can not be done.  Chances are they have never tested it and even if they have they probably don’t actually know how to write MN real estate contract on any platform. It can be done and it isn’t as hard to do as you might think.   I am in the process of writing detailed instructions on how use an iPad with our contracts.   If there are any other agents who use the Northstar MLS and use an iPad to write contracts and for signatures I would like to talk to you.  Teresa(at)tboardman.com or 651-216-4603

If you are an expert and are reading this remember to make the Realestateweenie.com your go to place to learn how real Realtors work and for a little snark . . .

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  1. Thank you for clarifying iPad use on Matrix. I’ve been dragging my feet on getting one, just because I use MyWi tethering between by MacBook Pro and iPhone 4 and it does most of what I need in the field. But its definitely time to get the iPad 2 for contracts when I’m out with clients. I’d love to hear exactly how its done from an expert like you! BTW, I loved your presentation on apps at BarCamp. Please drop me a line. Thanks!

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