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A couple of months ago or maybe a few hours ago . . time and reality are two concepts that I find elusive . . I wrote a post right here on the weenie for Minnesota Realtors about using the iPad with our MLS and the other tools and sites that MN Realtors use.  I pointed out that even though your broker, guru, expert, board or Realtors and even the NorthStarMLS may say that Matirx does not work on the iPad it really does, and you should try it.

Our most excellent NorthStarMLS has just rolled out an iPhone app.  I have been beta testing this app but I have been testing it on an iPad. Here is the deal.  Most iPhone apps work very well on the iPad.  When they make an iPad app it will be even better but for right now please try the iPhone app.  I think you will really like it on your iPhone or iPad.  It is location based and makes a lot more information available to us than any of the other  real estate apps do.  Personally I am thrilled that we have it.  This will also be available for consumers which I believe will level the playing field.

Get the app at the iTunes store for free even NorthStarMLS app

exhibit A proof of iPhone app running on iPad

If you are not used to running iPhone apps on your iPad you may not have noticed the little “1x” or “2x” in the lower right hand corner on your iPad when you are using an iPhone app.  If you are seeing something small on your screen just tap the “2x” and it will become “1x” and the app will fill the screen.

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  1. I can’t login to the member section using my MLS information. Looks like I’ll have to try it as a guest 🙁

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