Fact Checking

do people still use computers?

This was in my spam from a company trying to sell websites to the unwashed masses of real estate agents out there desperately trying to make a buck in a sucktastic housing market and when the world is on  the brink of economic collapse but no one cares because they are all too busy trying to sell shit to people who have less money than they have.   There are no statistics to back up this claim.  It might be true that 80% of buyers use the internet to search for homes but the rest is either a leap of logic or pure bull:

“So many agents have websites, with very little or no traffic, yet over 80% of buyers and sellers use the internet to locate a home or find an agent.”

The next statement just doesn’t make any sense.   Why does traffic have to be sent from a national site? Isn’t real estate local? Besides isn’t it the world wide web?  Don’t buyers search by city or neighborhood? Does anyone conduct a nation wide search for a house?  These ideas all date back when search engines were in their infancy.  Bigger isn’t better and in most cases isn’t as good as small which really is the new big . .. .what would you do with ALL of the national traffic?

“Our national website generates buyer and seller traffic and sends ALL of it directly to your website.”

This is a true statement right on:

“So many agents have websites, with very little or no traffic”

Think before you buy. This public service message has been brought to you by the RealEstateWeenie

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