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In recent months readership here at the weenie has declined.  The hot dog stand never had a huge following.  It has always attracted a small group of people who are kind of different.

Normally with a blog when readership declines we just assume that the content sucks but that clearly isn’t the case with this blog.  There are a combination of factors at work here.

The weenie has always attracted a different kind of real estate reader and those readers are more likely to go out of business after failing miserably.  One of the most loyal followers of the weenie died but we know for sure it wasn’t my fault.  A few of the readers have moved away from selling real estate and onto real paying jobs so they no longer have time to read the weenie and it is possible that working for someone else caused them to lose their sense of humor.

So much has changed since the Weenie began in early 2007.   The re-net is much larger and less exclusive and for the most part we don’t all know each other like we used to.  Lets face it there are the “new ones” and “those other people” and so things are just not the same.  We have seen the first, second, third and now fourth wave of gurus and experts and this latest wave are a bunch of idiots and some are funny looking too.

When I moved the blog and went through the comments I found many broken links.  Comments were left by people who are no longer in the business and apparently when they left they took their blogs with them.   Real estate blogs in general have become rarer, probably because the agents who spent a lot of time writing blogs are no longer in business.

Where am I going with this?  I don’t really know but I do know that as long as the weenie has at least one reader, and I think we still have about 100,  I will continue to write and I encourage anyone who has something to say but no place to say it to say it on the weenie.  Send me a post or if you don’t want to write it send an idea and I will say it for you.

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  1. Toby Boyce says:

    I still love the “Weenie” even though I recently was forced to change my e-mail from “tobysellshomes(dot)com” to “tobyoncesoldahouseandhopestodosoagainsoon(dot)com” due to legal concerns.

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