Stupid is as stupid does

Brand new real estate agent with big box brokerage gets into our neighborhood facebook group and lets us all know that she is ready to take care of all of our real estate needs.   She got her license about a month ago and is looking forward to helping us with our next move.   She can make it as “painless” as possible.  The quotation marks are hers not mine but they are mine now because I just used them.  Most of us have lived in the hood forever and will probably be leaving feet first but not for a couple of more decades and it will be painless.

Stupid is as stupid does

I sent her a note asking for a market analysis, after congratulating her on her real estate license.   I think I will play with her for awhile.

Locally the big brokerages have people teaching agents social media.  From what I am seeing on the internet they are doing a crappy job but I am OK with that.  I Just want them all to know that I am on the internet too and I got here before the social media experts tried to take over.



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