How to handle a telemarketer

Telemarketers have no imagination.  The script starts by asking me if I want more business.  There is one variation where they ask if I have enough business  . . . not that it is anyones business . . . I answer no when asked if I want more business and they have no where to go.  They can not stay on the script and they don’t know what to say. Some hang up on me.   They wouldn’t last five seconds in my job.  I have to think on my feet to survive.  I go through my day unscripted.  Any reasonable person would say yes to more business.  I don’t do reasonable because there is nothing in it for me.

Some folks have told me I should be nice to telemarketers.  I agree and I will start being nice to them as soon as they start being nice to me and stop calling me on my cell phone when I am trying to work or when I am in the car or when I am with clients or any other time.

I am actually saving telemarketers time by hanging up or saying no to more business because I am not going to buy anything anyway and they need to move on.

Some days I wonder why the experts, gurus and evangelists who have dedicated their lives to real estate don’t spend more time helping those poor telemarketers.   They must need apps, and values and . . .I wouldn’t mind seeing some of them branded.


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