The importance of Scores

Klout scores are not just for Realtors but the agent with the highest Klout score will get the most listings at least until my RE scoring system hits the market.   Studies show that home sellers don’t trust the agent testimonials found on agent web sites or the agent ratings on third party web sites.  When choosing an agent they use Klout scores because they have no choice.

I am working on a  scoring system just for Realtors.  I plan to offer RE scores for $24.99 and I will offer premium RE scoring accounts with higher RE scores guaranteed for just $100.   Klout scores measure social media which isn’t exactly the same as selling houses but close.

Sellers don’t care how many homes agents sell or how quickly they sell them or how big an agent’s team is or even what color the agent brand is.  What they really care about is how well an agent sells houses.  The RE score is just for Realtors and it measures how well an agent sells homes (wellness) (TM) which isn’t the same as how well they use social media . .

The screen print is from my own Klout account which I deleted in 2011 because I was so ashamed of my  score and because it was having a negative influence on my business.   My sales are way up in 2012 from what they were in 2011 in fact by the end of May I had already doubled my sales volume and by the end of June if everything closes I will have more than tripled it.

The only thing I have changed in my business was that I deleted my Klout account.  Sellers had no choice but to look at my score.  If your Klout score is below 65 you may want to consider doing the same, and buy a premium RE account for only $99.99 great score guaranteed because consumers really do care about how well agents sells houses and there is no other measure of (wellness) (TM).

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