Will Pinterest become the next real estate portal site?

Pinterest is growing and in some circles it is the site where the cool kids hang out.  I believe Pinterest is positioning itself to be the biggest real estate portal site ever.  I figured this out all on my own just by monitoring the buzz on the inter-webs and counting the number of  free webinars for real estate agents about how to use Pinterest.   There are so many companies, individuals, vendors and assorted crack pots and even angry loners not to mention wack jobs giving free webinars and advice to real estate agents these days you would think it would be hard to sort through them all but it really isn’t.   [off topic rant]

Soon there will be premium Pinterest accounts for real estate agents and a whole slug of educational programs and free webinars that will teach agents all kinds of tricks including how to balance a ball on their noses and how to resist the urge to lick their iPads.    Agents will be encouraged to send prospects and clients to their Pinterest boards, and to have boards for each type of housing they sell and for each neighborhood.

There will soon be Pinterest board templates and best practices and little companies will sprout up and proclaim their expertise in making Pinterest boards and they will do all of the work on your behalf. .. which is a good thing because some of you don’t have a clue as evidenced by your crappy listing photos.

I just did a side-by-side comparison of traffic to the Zillow web site Vs. Pinterest.   I’ll let you decide for yourself where you want to advertise homes for sale so that you can get the maximum exposure for your sellers without asking them to take their cloths off.  No one knows for sure how many of the people using Pinterest at any given time are looking for real estate or an agent but the site gets so much more traffic than the real estate portals that the odds are in your favor.


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6 Responses to Will Pinterest become the next real estate portal site?

  1. Carra RIley says:

    What no pinit button or google+ I will have to make my own.. good take on pinterest AND the graph works! Many people have board on pinterest that say “dream home” or “want this” “Second home dream” they also have “my style” and “home idea” boards so happy pinning… the connecting key is going to be the hard dot to bring to a close.

    • Teresa Boardman says:

      Wait . . actually the little green universal share thingy has a link to Pinterest and G+. Most folks don’t get the green thingy but it works

  2. Carra RIley says:

    Teresa, Let me know if this pin is ok? I will take it down if not.
    What do you think on websites that have share on twitter, which I did and facebook does that mean it is ok to share on Pinterest and Google+? Controversy in some real estate blog sites… some geeks really do NOT like Pinterest! It’s too easy 🙂

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