The most popular home search site

Not the us government

Not the us government

I just got a call from a company called USHUD.  When they said that they are the home search site with the most traffic I asked them why I never heard of them.  The name sounds a lot like the name of a government agency but it isn’t a government agency and like all successful online companies they tele-market to real estate agents because even though these sites are for consumers agents have to pay for them.

The woman who called me said that she needs help with all of the buyers she has in my area.  Perhaps those buyers will learn to cut out the middle man and go directly to the middle man when they need help buying a home.

Did you know that there are more web sites with local listings for St. Paul, MN than there are houses on the market in St. Paul MN?  I think we need more web sites with real estate listings on them because that way there will be more sites with real estate listings on them and that is a good thing for everyone.

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