Rock stars not real estate agents

I hate it when I have to repeat myself. This post is a re-run from August 2011. The title was “How to sell real estate like a rockstar”

My apologies if my catchy title about how to sell real estate like a rock star brought you to this my blog of mass destruction cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand.

Rock On

Image by TBoard via Flickr

The truth is rock stars DO NOT sell real estate.  Why you ask?  Because by definition a rock star is someone who is so good at music that he or she is a star and that is what they do for a living.  They sing for their supper while the rest of us attempt to sell real estate.   The good news is rock stars buy real estate and sometimes they spend millions.  I don’t get many rock star clients in Minnesota but I did once catch a glimpse of the back of Prince’s head in the purple rain.

If you really think you want to learn how to sell real estate like a rock star you may not be smart enough to sell real estate.   Maybe we can find something else for you to do that is a little less challenging.

Also see Rock, rocks and rocked written in August of 2010 about two years after I got tired of listening about how “______ rocked _______” which was when I was just starting to get tired of “crushed it” and “nailed it”.  Learn some new words people!



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