The secret of success

shoes_ia02264As an agent I sure have a lot of people telling me what I need to do to be successful but of course no one really defines success but it does seem to be related to how many homes we sell each year.  Some experts will chose an agent who leads a team that sells a lot of homes each year and then use these leaps of logic.

If agent X uses product Y and her team sells 100+ houses then if an agent uses product Y he/she will sell more houses or agent X is an expert on product Y and we should all use it because agent X sells so many houses.  It all starts with agent X.

If you don’t know what a leap of logic is then read the last paragraph a few times until you get it.

Makes sense to me.  There is a local agent who sells way more houses than I do.  She has some help but she also has an iPhone 4S and she wears boots and she lives in house that was built in the 1940’s.

The last time I saw her she was wearing a blue dress. There should be no problem with scalability.  The boots and dress probably both come in my size and an iPhone is one size fits all and ubiquitous especially for old people.

I sure would hate to have to use a bunch of Evernote templates that would slow me down and a bunch of apps that don’t even work in the Twin Cities like the experts recommend when all I really have to do is go shopping and add a couple of pieces to my wardrobe.

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