Advertising in the toilet



Welcome to the real estate weenie my blog of mass destruction cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand.  I have been thinking about real estate marketing.  I just love how people draw conclusions about where and how to advertise.

An estimated 200 million in the US have access to Facebook and therefore Facebook is the place to advertise real estate. People go to facebook for all of their real estate needs.

Over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube so real estate agents must use video to advertise real estate because people want to see amateurish videos made by real estate agents. In fact it is possible that the reason both Facebook and YouTube are so popular is because they have real estate advertising on them.

I found this startling fact on Google:

Estimates of the number of toilets in the U.S., vary from 225 million to 350 million.

I tried to find out how many flushes there are in the U.S each year but no one has studied that or if they have the information isn’t on the Google yet.  Why are we not using toilets and toilet flushes for marketing?  Toilets are more popular than Facebook accounts and maybe as maybe even as popular as YouTube.   I am pretty sure when people flush the toilet they want to hear about real estate.  just like they want to read about it in their email and see it on Linked-in.

Instead of making that kind of flushy sound why can’t toilets make a sound like “John Jones gets’ it sold” or “list your home with T today she will sell it in a hurry while you go play”.


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