Who says real estate is local?

Real estate heroes Rob Hahn and Nobu Hata will be flying into the saintly city in October to teach us about trends in the real estate industry.

Mr. Hahn with his vast experience as a consultant to real estate companies has never lived in Minnesota.  His expertise comes from being a consultant for the real estate industry and from never having lived in Minnesota . . . sorry I kind of get into a circle on that and have trouble getting out of it.  But Rob is widely regarded as an expert and that is what counts.   These two will be speaking at this years fall showcase put on by the Saint Paul Area Association of Realtors.

Who says real estate is local?

The dynamic duo are going to teach a class called evolve or die.  This is where Nobu Hata can really shine.  He managed to evolve right out of being a real estate agent and into a full time job.   The course title almost seems like a threat but after having survived the great recession and the crash of the housing market I consider myself a survivor and I came out feeling invincible and mouthy too.

Every now and then content for this blog of mass destruction cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand just gets sent to me via email and this was one of those times.  The cartoon is curtesy if The Saint Paul Area Association of Realtors.  I could not have done a better job myself.

These two really are heroes with what they know about real estate and consumers and all . . I hope that makes sense?


Just $35 dollars to get in the door and two hours of continuing education credits pending . . priceless!  Welcome to Minnesota!

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