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How to delete your blog in just one day

How to delete your blog in just one day

Folks never think of the real estate weenie as being wise, but it is wise, and today the blog of mass destruction cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand has some advice for the real estate “rock stars” out there even though we all know that “rock stars” do not sell real estate and the phrase is kind of 2001 but still useful for those who are behind the times and who may have limited verbal skills and no imagination.

Here are my words of wisdom.  It is a really huge and super big mistake to let the real estate industry decide if you are doing the right thing with your blog and with social media.  Here is the deal.  The real estate industry does not live in your area, and they do not buy enough houses in your area to keep you in business, and most are not even looking for a real estate agent making their opinions pretty irrelevant.

If the real estate industry is the main readership of your real estate blog then it is time to delete the blog and create one that prospective real estate clients will read.

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