Where is the Google Glass?

When I first got into real estate agents sed pictures of themselves sitting at a desk and talking on a phone.  Evenutally technology changed and agents were pictures standing up ( an action shot) talking on a cell phone.

We also see the picture of the agent holding the laptop or tablet either talking on the phone or not.  The fact that so many agents use the same types of poses and photos of themselves is one  the many things that sets us apart from each other . . or from everyone else or something?

We want our clients to know that we can talk on the phone and we can use tablets and laptops that is what sets us apart from everyone else on the planet.

Next up pictures of agents wearing google glass.  Where are they?  How come I have not seen any?  There are 150K agents in California some of them must by now have marketing materials featuring their adorable faces sporting Google glass.

googleglass copy

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