Do you live in a house?


Do you live in a house? Have you ever lived in a house? If you answered yes to either question and are looking for a new opportunity for the new year then this article is for you.

If you live in a house or have ever lived in a house then you might be qualified to be an expert advisor to the real estate industry.  Even if you just know someone who lives in a house or who has bought or sold one you might be able to find a job in the fast paced world of being an expert for thousands of real estate agents nation wide.

You could become the expert on what consumers really want and the go-to person for best practices in the industry.  let’s face it just about everyone knows more about how to sell real estate than a real estate agent knows.

If you know how to walk, drive or bike and own know how to operate an iPhone and have lived a house you may want to consider a career as a technology expert and speaker to the real estate industry.

The bar to getting a real estate license may be low but the bar is even lower for those who just like real estate and want to help us all out.

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