Why the re-run?

I Have no idea why I decided to re-run this old post from July of 2012 . . .

I have always been an independent free thinking kind of gal.  I have never liked being told what my opinions are and I don’t go along with the crowd no matter how cool they are.  I am not afraid to sit at lunch by myself and I don’t even care if I am ever chosen to be on a team during recess.

If the NAR is able to get .Realtor as a top level domain name I can not wait to see how they get the little r with a circle around it at the end.  I can not imagine the work and money that will go into marketing it so that consumers know about the ® and which keystrokes to make so that they can type it in.

I can just see it . . .


. . .or for the unimaginative:


Maybe the Nar is trying to make it up to us for selling Realtor.com.  We can never get it back.   Those folks at the NAR like to keep the standards high and make sure that the world is safe for home ownership.

Would I use one of the domain names with the cute little ®?  ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . . help I can’t breath ha ha ha ha ha . .

Next there will be .Zillow ha ha ha ha ha ha

LOL “.com” is here to stay . . loosers! ha ha ha . . I never wanted to play basketball anyway. . .I learned the truth a 17 that love was meant for beauty queens . . (random unnecessary baby boomer reference)

*a link to the article on the Inman news site


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