The top 4 Jeff Turner’s


Recently, and by recently I mean right now, I took the time to do a scientific study and make a list of the top 4 Jeff Turner’s. I limited my choices to the 328 Jeff Turner’s who live in the US.

The top 4 have one thing in common besides the name they share. All four are on my list. Each has contributed to the name by using it on all forms of identification and by having information about themselves on the internet including photographs of their faces.

Some of the Jeff Turners are musicians or athletes, ministers and I even found a real estate agent named Jeff Turner.  I put a lot of time and effort into picking the top 4 so here they are in order:

1.  Jeff Turner – I could not help myself he really is my favorite.

2.  Jeff Turner – he almost made it to number 1

3.  Jeff Turner

4.  Jeff Turner


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