Things to do for friendship

todoThere are things that real estate agents and brokers can do to pass the time during the days, weeks or even months between real estate conferences. There are plenty of opportunities to socialize with other agents through Facebook groups or by joining your local YPN.

You won’t get to see any of your friends until the next big conference but you can make do with those you meet locally in person or online while you wait for the next opportunity to be with your real friends.

The definition of friendship has changed and if you ask me which you did not it is much easier than it used to be. You will not be asked to help your online friends move and won’t be roped into giving them a ride to work when their car breaks down or into going to some event that they did not want to go to alone.

Your real friends are at the conferences and that is the only time you need to see them in person but you can see them everyday on the internet and when you are done with them you can just turn log off.

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